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"I have been writing songs since forever."

Time would disappear as Sadie composed pieces on guitar/piano where lyrics would flow through her and she would be lost in sound. It was always a safe haven to channel how she felt about the world... her growing pains, her attempt to understand feelings and relationships. It was also another medium for storytelling. Music was her therapy. She always wanted to record but never really found her sound and felt a little lost in the studio. It took getting older to really understand this and feel comfortable enough in herself and who she is to express fully. 


Sadie has played her original songs in New York City and Los Angeles, as well as London’s iconic Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, The Pigalle Club, The Met Bar and Primrose Hill Summer Fair.

Recently, she has been focusing on recording her original material - a series of songs written during her 20s. Sadie crowdfunded to produce the album project, which is now in the mixing stage. This project was recorded at Orchard Studios, Cheshire and produced by Dan J Logan.

"Sadie’s songs combine ethereal folk with wry humour, soothing undertones and bittersweet lyrics: “Sadie charms and entrances all who have the pleasure of seeing her perform” Lynne Franks

Sadie couldn’t be more of a hippie flower child if she lived in a commune in Woodstock – soulful voice and intricate guitar-picking” Sir Bob Geldof

Sadie also performs at weddings and events as Gypsy River Band, a boho covers band.

Sadie Pickering Left Over Dust Album Cover

Left Over Dust

This is Sadie’s first album, a collection of songs written during her 20s. She crowdfunded to produce the project and succeeded in reaching her target. She teamed up with producer and musician Dan J Logan and together they created this piece with incredible musicians involved. This project was recorded at Orchard Studios, Cheshire.

Sadie co-composed the lyrics and performed the vocals for the opening credits of the motion picture Soundtrack ‘The Courier’ - 2019 Action Thriller starring Olga Kurylenko, Gary Oldman and Amit Shah.

Director - Zackary Adler.

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